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Developing A Task Management App For Optimal Efficiency

The Problem While Jira can be useful for bug tracking and project management; there were times when follow-ups became pretty hectic. This was mainly due to a lot of people not updating Jira on a daily basis as well as a lot of run-time tasks that sprung up requiring immediate attention.   Proposed Solution To overcome this challenge, the management

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How To Add RecyclerView Using Kotlin?

Since Kotlin is a new language, you will find it fairly difficult to come across examples as opposed to Java which was the preferable language used by Java Developers. In this blog, we will cover one example called ‘RecyclerView’, which helps make large sets of data more concise by listing them. Now, assuming you are using the preview version for

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How to Make Your Web Apps Work Offline?

Our life revolves around the internet! We run away from all things bad signal, power failures, router issues, etc. etc! But no matter how hard we try to escape, it’s still a harsh reality, that we have to deal with, on a daily basis. And guess what? We are relying more and more on web apps that are increasingly replacing

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Debug your apps without using the USB cord

Constantly using your phone while debugging is inconvenient and damaging. I mean, think about it! Carrying all those accessories along while presenting your app? Or for that matter, battery issues that happen when your phone is constantly connected to the USB cord 24/7. This ‘unhealthy relationship’ between your phone and the USB cord could create ‘unresolved issues’ in the future, which might

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Mobile App Testing – How can Developers Test their Mobile Apps?

Not enough devices and device configurations to test on? Endless Tester reports leaving you peeved? Your app activity flow sounds good, but only in your head! How do you present it to others? The end number of woes and the constant battle between testing and development leave you like..   We feel you! Been there. Done that! So after months

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