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Cyber Security Tips 101 – How to Protect yourself from Cyber Attacks?

2017 witnessed several cyber-attacks; where WannaCry and Petya created the most amount of havoc! Digitalization, not only made life easy but has also made us prone to online threats. The consequence of taking security issues lightly had an aftermath on major companies, government sites, health and banking organisations as well as individuals. To avoid cyber crimes, cyber security awareness is

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WannaCry – How A Minor Bug became One of the Biggest Ransomware Attacks?

From a Microsoft vulnerability detected by the National Security Agency to one of the biggest cyber-attacks. Here is all you need to know about WannaCry, the ransomware that affected over 200,000 computers, in 150 countries, in 3 days. What Is WannaCry? WannaCry was a ransomware that exploited the vulnerability in Windows and locked down systems across the globe. Those affected

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