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  • 7 Reasons How Web Push Notifications Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Web Push Notifications = Real-Time Marketing & Instant Engagement. #A marketing channel you can’t afford to ignore.

If you own a smartphone or a laptop, chances are you already know what a web push notification is. For those who don’t, Web Push Notifications are alerts that users get on their device that prompts them to take an action.

They have become immensely popular due to their ability to effortlessly market your product/service. The best part? You get to engage customers without even knowing their contact details!

What Are The Advantages Of Push Notification Marketing?

  1. Mobile App Not Required– You are not required to have a mobile app to avail push notification benefits; as Chrome Push notifications operate the same way as a native mobile push.
  2. ** Wider Audience**– Firefox, Safari and Chrome support web push, which give you access to a wider audience.
  3. ** Real-Time Marketing**– You can easily reach out to customers even if they are currently not on your website and prompt them to take action real-time.
  4. Choose From Different Users– You can even choose which users you want to send the message to, if there are multiple users across the same device.
  5. No Contact Details Required– You do not need the contact details of customers to send them push notifications, provided they’ve visited your website at least once and have permitted you to send them the notifications.
  6. **Preferred over SMS & Email **– Studies have shown that as compared to emails and SMS, push notifications have the least number of opt-outs. As compared to emails that can be marked spam, push notifications have the added benefit of effectively reaching the target audience.
  7. Higher Conversion Rate– A recent study conveyed that web notifications have a higher conversion rate by 30% as compared to emails.

The Desktop is not dead. According to statistics, Desktop usage accounts for 48% of total internet usage. This is precisely why it’s time; Web Push Notifications got recognised as an effective marketing channel.

What do you think? Are Web Push Notifications an underused marketing channel? Share your views by commenting below.