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A few weeks ago, we implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on one of our client’s blog. The Result: An increase in organic traffic as well as an improvement in search engine ranking. Now the question that comes to mind is, how does AMP boost a website’s ranking? Before answering this question, let’s first understand what are Accelerated Mobile Pages

So, What Are They?

AMP’s are essentially web pages that are optimised to load quickly. They are light HTML codes, designed to provide a better experience to mobile users. Simultaneously, they focus more on the visibility of primary content, which is extremely important for mobile users as compared to desktop users.

You can also watch the introductory video about AMP published by Google Developers.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Help Boost Website Ranking?

If you closely observe the Google Mobile SERP, you will notice that most of the top 10 results are designed in the AMP format. This indicates that Google treats these pages as special and therefore shows them at the top of the Mobile SERP. So, what is the reason Google loves AMP and how does it affect your website ranking.

– Fast Loading Pages for Better User Experience

Google judges your website on the amount of time it takes to load a webpage. The faster a website loads, the higher up the page it goes. AMP’s help your website load faster as they are designed with a light HTML code that also removes unwanted external CSS and JS files.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are especially designed for enhancing mobile user experience by restricting the display of unnecessary elements (images, sidebar, etc.) that come in the way of fast loading of a website on mobiles.


– Get A Position On Google’s Top Stories

One of the major benefits of the AMP version is that your content stands a chance to be featured on Google’s top stories. This will further help get more attention as well as clicks to your website. The publishing industry, blogs as well as information based websites will reap the most benefits of switching to the AMP version.


– Reduce Bounce Rate

The Accelerated Mobile Pages load quickly and help mobile users surf more, whereby automatically reducing the website bounce rate. Additionally, it helps in increasing the number of page visits as well as the duration of time spent on the website.

Lastly, Google recently made an announcement regarding Mobile First Index. This means that if you want to achieve the top position in Mobile SERP, AMP implementation is necessary.

After implementing the AMP format on the blog, We noticed that the organic traffic from mobile devices increased by 225.04% and new users increased by 213.28%.


How To Implement AMP On Your Website?

If you have a WordPress website, you can simply convert your pages into AMP by using the WordPress AMP Plugin. To know more about how to implement AMPon other CMS websites you can refer to the AMP Project.. The AMP Project will help simplify the procedure of how AMP is executed by demonstrating via live HTML examples. You can also watch the video about AMP published on Moz to gain a better understanding.