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With the advent of cloud computing, Existing Business have been showing interest to move their existing IT Infrastructure to the cloud.

Traditional Migration – On-Premise to Cloud

While assisting Businesses to achieve successful server and data migration, we have identified the hassles it makes to IT Admins. Prolonged Downtime, Big Data Migration, Integrity Testing , Deployment and Scaling setup are some of them.

Well, to ease this, and make it faster Amazon have recently announced their new Server Migration Service

Amazon SMS (Server Migration Service)

It is a new service that enables automated and scheduled server replication, incremental replications, agentless migration, auto scaling and monitoring for large On Premise IT Workloads.

The simplicity of **AWS Server Migration Service **enables the IT Companies to move live server volumes of its clients’ Enterprise Deployments to AWS EC2 cloud.

Here how this would work.

  1. Downloading the AWS Server Migration Connector: It’s an OVA Template with all the necessary deployment specific definitions.

  2. Create an AWS IAM User to create a Service Account for Server Migration Service.

  3. This newly created IAM User will have to be applied the IAM Custom Policy : This is actually a JSON code that enables IAM User Connected with Service Account – Read and Write Access., to migrate local VMs to EC2

  4. Setting up Server Migration Service (SMS) – CLI:

  5. Setting up** Server Migration Connecto**r to VM

Once setup, AWS Manager can create replication tasks right from the AWS Console and schedule the deployments to EC2 Instance(s).

Team Choice TechLab have geared up to provide this hassle free service. With Its AWS Cloud experts, Team at Choice TechLab can surely create the niche of migration solutions.