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What Are The Digital Marketing Trends For 2020?

“Users want easily consumable and authentic information, and they want it fast.”

The 2020 Digital Marketing trends are all about feeding into this need; while at the same time moulding your brand’s uniqueness to ensure that it sticks out in today’s relentless battle for attention. We’ll share a brief overview of the newest in Digital Marketing, covering trends dominating Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Production and Design this 2020.

So, what are the SEO Trends for 2020?


While** ‘Voice Search’ will contribute to 50% of all searches in 2020; short keyword-optimized moves to voice optimized – conversational and targeted terms to be key. Visual depictions in the form of images on your pages will significantly contribute to better rankings; with the rise of ‘Visual Search’.** On the contrary, there will be a** ‘Decrease in the Organic Click-Through Rate’ **while ‘Position Zero’ will be paramount; with companies battling it out to reach this top spot.

Content Marketing is all about Conversations.


Stepping up the marketing game with conversations that not only give a human touch to your brand but pitch in to get a better understanding of your audience. ‘Q&As’ to get a vantage point over ‘inserting keywords’; to lap up the Voice Optimized trend. For e.g., “What are the content marketing trends in 2020?” over simply “Content Marketing Trends”.

The ‘Purpose’ is getting more important than ever and will be a key factor to build authenticity. Placing the needs of your audience at the crux your strategies will help ensure that your content sticks to a purpose and simultaneously enhance **‘Customer Experience’. ‘Personalization’ **goes beyond just names (Email, SMS & In-content product recommendations) and can be achieved with **‘Dynamic Content Delivery’. **Text combined with ‘Visual Data’ has the ability to convey your message more strongly than the simple written word.

Social Media is all about Conscious Communication.

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What are the most important social media trends for 2020? The most obvious answer would be to build trust by creating a fun, engaging and responsive experience for your audience. ‘Actionable Metrics’ to take over ‘Vanity Metrics’. This means that the focus on ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ is likely to decrease to focus on the ‘rate and quality of engagement’. One way to achieve this would be to zero in on ‘Storytelling via Videos’ and understanding how users engage with them. ‘Live Videos’ to prevail, be it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. The ‘vanishing act’ of ‘Video Stories’ hits right on the FOMO nerve, eventually deriving more engagements.** ‘Micro Content’, i.e., crisp information that is innovative, authentic and saves time will be consumed frequently. ‘Social Media ADs’ will take the lead with the decline of organic CTR and ‘Shoppable Posts’ will continue to be a big hit with eCommerce. LinkedIn groups **to get a push again this year to go big on networking and community building.

What are the Design Trends for 2020? – Minimalistic, Illustrative and Consistent.

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Design makes for the underlying subtleties for your brand, which may not have its own success metric, yet make for a crucial aspect of your branding. This year shows promises of ‘Minimalistic Stock Images’ and ‘Muted Colour Palettes’. A** ‘Minimalistic Landing Page’ will go a long way as compared to the ones with heavy loading time. ‘Colour Gradients’** are here to stay, and 2020 will see a major use of gradients as effects rather than the main focus.** ‘Heavy Simple Fonts’ will range over minimalist typefaces. ‘Flowy Shapes and Patterns’ will replace a more rigid and overtly geometric pattern. Creating a distinct brand identity will be a major focus; noticeable in the rise of ‘Branded GIFs’, ‘Abstract and Isometric Illustrations‘ **and a solid **‘Design System’ **(sets clear design standards for your brand, grouping all the design elements for developers and designers to ensure consistency in your branding) in place.

What are the Video Trends for 2020?


Videos with substance are here to stay. 2020 will see videos as a big part of the marketing and branding strategy. ‘360 Degree Videos’ are on the rise as they invite users to have a thorough experience of their offerings. Keeping up with quick accessibility, ‘Shoppable Videos’ will be a boon to eCommerce where users can click and shop the products on the video itself rather than manually searching the same on the website. ‘Live Videos’ that provide a human touch are likely to have 6 times more interactions. Videos can get leads more effectively by providing ‘educational/how-to content’ useful to its audience. With the rise of AR and VR, **‘Interactive Videos’ to get a push to encourage engagement. Keeping user accessibility in mind, ‘Social Videos will go Silent’ **and have captions in order to make video consumption more convenient.

That was our ‘short’ overview of the Digital Marketing Trends for 2020. In the series following this blog, we’ll be elaborating and sharing tips and tricks on how to utilize each trend an incorporate it in your design, communication, video and marketing strategies.