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Is Firebase Analytics Right For Your Business?

Regular analysis of your app performance is crucial to gain a clear comprehension of user behaviour, which further helps you optimise your marketing campaigns. When it comes to analytics tools, we swear by Google Analytics. However, yet another tool (that is now a product of Google) that is just as good, is the Firebase Analytics.

What is it?

Firebase is a centralized platform that offers numerous features for app and web developers. It also offers a powerful analytics feature that measures up to Google Analytics. However, there are some differences that set the two apart and choosing between the two can be a pretty daunting task! Let’s have a look at what Firebase Analytics has to offer.

Some of the best features of Firebase Analytics yet.

  • ** An all in one Dashboard – **You can find all the data in one place i.e., active users, attribution, retention cohorts, average revenue, user engagement, app version, devices, location, demographics, and interests. The faster you see, the sooner you can react.

  • ** Reporting –** It offers free unlimited reporting up to 500 events.

  • ** Audience –** It has an excellent Audience tool with which you can identify and create various groups of users (based on events, data, and properties). This helps you find the right target audience for your product.

**Easy to Use – **It is really simple to use and set up. Specially designed for those users who do not want to get tangled in the depths of data. It offers simple options like ‘when the app has been opened for the first time’, ‘when a user clears app data’, ‘app removal numbers’, etc.

** Funnel Analysis –** Its funnel analysis is more straightforward, which is based on events, as opposed to Google Analytics that is based on screen views. This provides more value, as it has the ability to show what activity the user is indulging in.

Complete Analytics – Firebase Analytics helps you analyze all data as opposed to Google Analytics that analyzes only a sample of the data.

Other Firebase Features That Come In Handy

**Push Notifications – **This feature lets you instantly engage with a specific group of users.

**Crash Reports – **This feature is available only for mobile apps but is immensely helpful. It automatically prepares a report of the audience who have experienced crashes as well as the point of failures.

Dynamic Links and Invites – Users can share the App state (Screen) even with those people who do not have the app installed. This will help you analyze how many people have successfully clicked on the link and installed the app.

The Bottom Line

This said, it is still important to note that there are still some places where Google Analytics has a bigger say over Firebase Analytics. Unlike Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics does not offer behaviour flow as well as real-time data (as the events are available after a period of 4-6 hours.) Additionally, if you want analytics on your screen views, google analytics is always the better option.

A new project requires you to first weigh the pros and cons and then decide whether it is compatible with your project. And although the two are extremely good analytics tools with their own set of excellent features; it is worthwhile to mention that Firebase Analytics is apt for a mobile platform, whereas Google Analytics is more suited for the web.