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Tracking keyword ranking is undoubtedly an important part of an SEO campaign. The success of any campaign is measured on the basis of how the keyword ranks in search engines. There are many software’s that help you check your keyword ranking but almost all offer only paid versions.

We’ve got some good news for you.

Google Search Console. It gets the job done pretty well and guess what?

It’s Free!

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) is one of the best tools to track keywords ranking. Why? It provides a detailed insight into the nitty gritties of website ranking such as average position, CTR, impressions, and clicks; unlike a paid software that only shows the keyword position.

How GSC shows queries that gets maximum clicks, CTR & impressions?


GSC shows the total number of clicks to your website through queries or keywords that users search on Google. With the help of this valuable data, you can judge which keywords are already ranking for your website.

Additionally, it will also show currently trending keywords that may help your website gain more impressions in Google search. This analysis helps you to understand which keywords are getting maximum impressions and clicks on Google search. Accordingly, you can map a strategy for your campaign.

How to export data from Google Search Console to Excel?


Google search console allows you to export a total of 999 keywords into an excel format. But what if you want to export more keywords?

Here’s how you go about it.

You can integrate your Google Search console data with Google Analytics. After this, you will get more than 999 keywords or queries for your website. But, Google allows you to only download the data that is 90 days old from GSC & Google Analytics. Therefore, it is advisable to download the data every month and add it to your ranking report beforehand.

How GSC simplifies your efforts to check Multi-Countries Ranking?


If your target audience is around the globe then you need to check the keyword ranking country wise. All you have to do is choose the location using the country filter, which will further provide an insight into the countries that are getting maximum clicks, impressions, and CTR to your website. Google makes our SEO work simple and easy. You can explore and track many resources that are available free of cost to make your SEO work effortless. As an a SEO companywe at Choice TechLab are adept at exploring tools and resources that aid in efficient data analysis to achieve marketing goals successfully.