Why Choose Our PPC Management Agency?

Often, companies are looking for quicker traffic as compared to organic growth and narrowing down their marketing efforts to a selective audience using pay per click. We have built expertise over time, to drive traffic quicker to your website to generate more leads and sales with our PPC services. We help you optimize your account quality score, manage your bids and optimize your campaigns to achieve high click through rates and conversion rates.

How we reduced 79% cost per acquisition for a transport management software?

PPCM Case Study for Wep
PPCM Case Study for Jiffy
PPCM Case Study for Investica
PPCM Case Study for Choice-broking
PPCM Case Study for Transtrack
PPCM Case Study for Power-wealth

Our PPC Management Process

Competitor Analysis for PPC Services
Competitor Analysis 01

We survey the competition in your market by analysing local competitors PPC AD postionings as well as the most searched keywords and then setting the cost-per-lead goals.

Data-Driven PPC Management Services
Data-Driven Custom ADs 02

Researching keywords to understand your customers search pattern. Conducting a competitor search on AD copy and creative, and simultaneously creating and split testing the AD copies and creatives we make.

PPC Campaign Management
AD Tracking & Analytics 03

Regularly monitoring average advertisement position by campaign, click through rates, leads, calls, sales and optimizing cost-per-click.

PPC Advertising Campaigns
Paid Search Campaigns04

We create campaigns such as Paid ADs based on search queries, retargeting & remarketing, as well as PPC AD specific landing page optimization.

Multiple Platforms PPC Services
Advertising On Multiple Platforms 05

We focus on PPC advertising across multiple platforms which includes Social Media, Bings, Youtube, Google ADs and Google Local Services among others.

Conversion Rate Optimized PPC Services
Conversion Rate Optimization 06

We focus on low cost acquisition with the optimal use of the budget via strategies that are A/B tested to reduce the overall ppc campaign cost.

Drive Traffic Quicker To Your Website.