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Continuous Integration and Deployment

Providing Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment & Continuous Delivery Solutions

How Continuous Integration & Deployment Increases Efficiency?

Continuous Integration pipelines the process of building and testing software by automating it. It is a practice of assimilating codes, several times a day, into a shared repository. The automated build validates each check-in, which allows the developers to identify problems in the initial phase easily. Doing it regularly helps in speedy error detection. Continuous Integrations and Continuous Deployment are interconnected.

Continuous Deployment refers to the release into the production version, of software or web applications, that pass the automated and rigorous tests. It allows for many production deployments every single day by means of putting every code change into production automatically.

At Choice TechLab, we help you build, test and deploy faster with our CI & Development Services. We offer seamless integration with GitLab CI and Jenkins that supports multiple languages and platforms.

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    What we offer?

    Automate Build

    We map the manual process and create a deployment process by using various tools to automate builds to be released in production.


    We help create unit test and use tools like Mocha for self-testing your builds.

    Data Integration Solutions

    Sandbox Mode

    We test in a clone of the production environment so that it does not affect the live data.

    Automate Deployment

    We make it easy to use for anyone who deploys code on a real-time basis with the latest executable and automated deployment.

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