The National Institution for Transforming the Government of India (NITI Aayog) is the policy think-tank that provides directorial and policy inputs to the Indian Government and technical advice to the Centre and States.


The Challenge

Ensuring that all women across India were ‘equally included’ in this initiative, with no hindrances arising in the form of language, technology, community and geographical locations. Designing a website that resonates with, and is further easily comprehendible by an audience divided by geographical locations and culture. Additionally, producing a launch video that not only serves the purpose of a ‘how-to’ but also manages to create an element of connect while aesthetically capturing the essence of the Launch Event.


The Approach

The Website Design planning stage was preceded by keeping ‘Website Accessibility’ as a primary context to eliminate restrictions cropping up in the form of sight and language. Further, since the platform was designed to cater to women, the UX was a shift from the traditional structure and the primary colours used were hues of Wild Watermelon, Mulberry, Blue Violet and Grandis. The video was produced in adherence to the brand guidelines with just the right amount visuals and text to instil inspiration in the audience. It was then delivered in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) that received quite an applause at the website launch event.


The Result

Entrepreneurs Registered

Partnerships Obtained

Take the center stage with your audience.